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About This Blog

This blog is written to appeal to home users; small business operators such as “mom and pop” shops and micro-businesses; and community groups such as churches who want to get the most out of their information and communications technology, including their small computer network, using technology that is cost-effective and easy for most users to set up.

 Here, the common need usually is that most of these groups don’t have dedicated IT staff on hand to assist in acquiring or maintaining their information and communications technology. In a lot of small-business or community-group cases, whoever runs the organisation typically ends up managing the organisation’s technology. 

The articles are written in a manner to support the use of commonly-implemented standards where multiple vendors are able to supply products based on these standards. They are also written in a manner where there is no fear or favour in choosing or deploying a particular standard or vendor’s product.

This blog is also about encouraging the provision of safe reliable broadband Internet access that is cost-effective to all wherever they may live. This includes the provision of a reliable broadband service to rural and regional communities, thus facilitating access to Internet activities like working from home, distance education, telemedicine and the benefits of the “world wide library and news service” that is the World Wide Web.

I am also discussing areas where industry needs to work to make technologies accessible to home and small-business computer users. This includes foolproof installation of relatively-sophisticated network setups like multiple-access-point wireless networks or IP-based telecommunications setups. 

At times, I have discussed issues concerning information technology in the home from a social perspective such as Internet and social network activity in the home and using the blog as a springboard for information concerning local emergencies.

Author contact details

Author: Simon Mackay

E-mail: Simon_Mackay [at] bigpond.com

Country of origin: Australia


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